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great dep

I am listening to 40s music and it is such a different sound. I think I love it.

I feel like I am somewhere else, feeling something else, achieving something else. The sound is so very carefree, romantic, cheesy but chill. It makes me feel like they must not have had any problems with anxiety in the 40s. Heh…right. That’s when the Great Depression was.

So today we elect the president. I would vote Obama, no question about it, but I forgot to register. Professor Sylva will kill me about it. I know where my grandparents stand—a definite pro-McCain platform. Dad, he’s going Ron Paul since Texas will probably vote McCain anyway. He says he could pick four better people than Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin.

Does it seem like I’m pimping my blog with political names? Who’s going to come here, anyway?

Sylva makes life crazy…it’s a mix between love and hate, with him. I’m just so tired. I don’t want this anymore, not journalism. Just new York. Home sweet home, here I come…

But when? Soon, just like that crazy daisy tattoo. Someplace called The Webster seems promising in terms of price, even if it is cheesy and something out of the past. Maybe my sudden passion for 40s music will turn into an obsession and I won’t mind Webster’s garden and grannylike curtains?

Oh, it’s a fleeting passion, though. Much different than the call to New York. I wonder where the world will take me after I live there for a time? Paris? Los Angeles? Africa? London? Oh, I could see myself going and getting married in London…I wish never to settle down. I don’t think I’ll be ever so healthy in my old age, I’ll have travelled so many places. At least I’ll have loads to write about.

Where is my life going? Who am i? Why do I keep wasting it on my mother’s whims? I am such a child in so many ways, but I could care less. Let me fly, and suffer from my own crashes.

“I met a girl who kept tattoos for homes that she had loved. If I were her I’d paint my body till all my skin was gone.” – Something Corporate

- tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008


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