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pros and cons strike again!

this last month has been the most delicious time of my life. of course, we've had our ups and downs, the pressure is intense when 2 women share their lives, but oh, what marvelous intensity it is.

reasons i like him:

-we have similar backgrounds (we grew up in the same part of texas, both dropped a passion-filled major for the more stable major of journalism)

-he's cute, but doesn't think he is

-he likes movies a lot!

-he has amazing taste in music--VERY similar to mine

-he's sarcastic

-he's self-sufficient

-encouraged me to do NaNoWriMo despite his having given up on his studio artist dream--is encouraging!

-is an artist, just needs a little encouragement to get back in the game

-also doesn't know that he really wants to do journalism

-doesn't know that he wants a relationship that could be long-term, but wants one anyway (we have similar desires in a relationship)

-he's independent!

-he would be fun to prod (as in cheer up, tease, make smile)

-he kind of reminds me of marcus

-he won't cheat, he'll be loyal even when things get boring/tough

-he likes feisty women that'll talk back to him

-he probably wants a girlfriend--despite his independence, he still wants someone beside him; he shares and understands that sentiment like i do

-he writes!

-he's a quiet observer like me

-he will talk on the phone to me for 45 min.

-he says on his profile that he doesn't hold grudges--then again, most guys don't

-he's not athletic

-he's not insisting that i get on AIM

-his previous gf was a blonde with lots of pimples who loved the cold weather

reasons i don't like him:

-he's negative, complains a lot

-doesn't believe in God

-sometimes he's a bit too sarcastic

-he's not going to chase me, i'm going to have to chase him

-this may or may not count - he's insecure about rich people/dating a rich girl

-doesn't have a lot of self confidence

-he kind of reminds me of marcus...which scares me a little. i think the key is to not invest too much

-he's on AIM constantly. dammit, another trait of marcus

-his previous gf was skinny

9/23 = 61/100 - so he's more good than bad so far, but still not at a passing grade

i'm surprised out of my wits that she knows him.

it would have been a disaster had he said 'yes' to me the night we were to meet up--not only for her, but for me as well. you see if he had shown up and they had known each other, i would have expected the worst out of their awkwardness: that they had fucked, or made out, or something, and that she was about to steal yet another boy from my grasp.

i think this is my worst fear, especially now. his last girlfriend cheated on him with his best he has a reason to do the same thing to me--to get his revenge. Only now that abbie is the ex-fiance of his new best friend, he has no reason to be into her.

she told me not to tell him or anyone in his friend group that i knew her, that it really would NOT help me at all. and she also said they wouldn't talk about her, because to them, she's ancient history. any and all drama with her is done, and miggy has a new fiance now.

in so many ways, this guy seems right for me. it is only his negativity and his atheism that worries me. i think i can handle everything else about him with flying colors. of course, i don't know him completely yet, i'm sure there's much more to learn.

- saturday, oct. 25, 2008


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