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highest highs and lowest lows

It’s interesting to me how some atheists decide to not believe in God because of years or months of research on religion, and others pay little attention to religion.

And yet they’ve both come to the same conclusion: that God doesn’t exist.

It almost seems as if those who don’t believe and don’t research that they don’t want to spend the time attempting to figure it out, it’s just easy and socially acceptable to say they’re atheists. But I’ll bet that sometimes they get mistaken for very well-read people, and that the atheists who’ve studied receive the opposite reaction.

But many would find this all closed-minded…


I recently watched a music video that showed clips from “The Basketball Diaries” on YouTube. At the start of the video, we see the main character, a high school-aged boy who goes to a Catholic school in New York. His basketball coach offers to pay him for sex, and he refuses, pushing the guy away. Later he gets involved in drugs, leaves school, and gets kicked out of the house. It is then that we see him go to a subway station bathroom and become a prostitute for drug money.


Seems like the highest highs and the lowest lows are reserved specifically for drug users. Sounds glamorous, but of course it’s not. What else, other than a drug or God, could make a person do what they hate most for money? The boy’s facial expression during the prostitution scene made him look as if he was undergoing torture, perhaps receiving major surgery without anesthesia.

If I remember right, the boy was anti-gay.

(in case you don't read my blog regularly, i'm going to insert here the fact that i am pro-gay.)

- tuesday, oct. 21, 2008


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