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i don't know what made me think of this, but here it is:


sounds like an interesting pokemon movie title. :D

then again, psyduck is supposed to be a psychic duck, but still...psychological duck just sounds awesome. instead of a psychologist, you go to your duck. your psyduck.

and instead of getting your PSYD, it would be your PSYDUCK?

Alternatively, psyduck could be the duck in your head that tells you to do bad things. Creepy! Your psychological duck is talking!

(play on words of ‘your biological clock is ticking.’)


i called warrin today b/c abbie asked me to do so, she wanted to see if he was picking up his phone. he wasn't, which she was happy about for some reason. i don't understand if he wasn't picking up when she called or if he told her specifically to not to call him today around the time that she had me call.

i'm glad she's breaking up with him. he's an idiot and a cheater.


Also, I have a roommate! And a friend in Tina! She was such a sweetheart, called and apologized for everything.

I’ve met the new roommie, her name is Yvet, and I now remember why she annoyed me. At the time she visited Teenie in our apartment, my bike was in the hallway because I didn’t have a bike lock yet. She needed to buy a bike at the time, and was thinking about buying a used one. I was worried because I kept meaning to buy the lock but never got a chance to, and so I said something like, “I think I’ll just put it outside, so it’s not in the way anymore.” She was eyeing it a bit and said, “That’s a nice bike,” and acted like I should be careful, because it would get stolen. But it wasn’t a nice, concerned gesture, it was admiration for the thing. I don’t care about my bike, but I do care about other things.


So I found the entry in which I wrote about her. Here it goes:

“And why does she [Teenie] seem to have no girl friends? She is a mutant, I swear. Her one friend was a jerk. She looked at my bike and was like, “That’s a cute biiiiike…” And I’m thinking, “thank you very much, now don’t steal it or tell me what kind of a lock to use on it.”

Oi! And that was October 30 of 2008, three months ago. I hope that whatever roommate issues she had with her old roommates are due to their crap, and not hers. It’s hard in some ways to imagine a better roommie than Teenie, I must have been PMSing when I wrote that crap about her! Yikes.

- sunday, jan. 25, 2009


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