backyard crowing


pin wheels at manda and meg's childhood home

help. i am spending the night in a house which contains a dvd box set of reba. like i said, HELP.

at least they're relatives, and therefore slightly understandably weird. if this was abbie's house i might be afraid. WHERE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?

i miss my mom, oddly enough. that side is weird in all of the best ways. they're not quite as charming here on dad's end. sorry, relatives. ;)

anyway, that's rude and this is a diary entry gone random.

what was i going to say?

this morning i was in tulsa, then nixa, missouri, then a hospital to see the ailing uncle mountain dew, and then finally meg and manda's old home. it has been a rather exhausting, driving-filled day. i've been reading the twilight books. i'm on about page 90 of the first novel. chut up.

my stomach just made a huge, strange lurch. i've been farting and keeping it in all day's just not appropriate to let one in a hospital or a car full of relations. blech! manda probably smelled me anyway, as much as i tried to hide it. fortunately she's a med student and (i guess) has some compassion for bodily functions.

i didn't know when i decided to go to nixa and the hospital that we'd be there for FIVE HOURS. nor did i know that the trip back to sleep would take 1.5 hrs., and that my sleeping space would be the living room, aka five steps away from a lively game of stone age and a dinner of pinwheels, which are tortillas filled with things like cream cheese, etc....

at the hospital, beckie and i talked pies. pumpkin especially. she is a true connissueur, makes them for some organization and has tried to better outfit her kitchen to bake them. fortunately a local restaurant lent her their ovens this year. the woman is astounding, my jaw kept falling at the amounts she was rattling off. while i admire it, i would never want to be there. then again, when it comes to charity/volunteering, baking pies seems like a pretty fun way to go, even if it is hard work.

tommorow is seeing karl and cristi and giving and getting gifts. this is really annoying, not having my own room. UGH.

gnight, yo.

latas, my gatas.


- monday, dec. 29, 2008


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