backyard crowing


say it to me now

m: do you know a girl named zora?

j: yeah...why, do you?

m: yeah.

j: has she mentioned me?

m: yeah. she kind of hates you. why?

j: oh...i kind of love her.


why can't i stop thinking about him?

you know, he could be my first or only or best muse. i shouldn't be one hundred percent unhappy that he's lurking in my mind. i'm taking playwriting this semester, i could use him.

this song is right on cue for how i feel about him:

"Say It to Me Now," by Glen Hansard


so who do you honor first, your parent or your friend?

i mean it says 'honor thy father and mother' and not 'honor thy friend' in the commandments, though i'm sure God wants us to honor both, but putting the parent thing in the 10 commandments does speak fairly loudly. then again, why parents? is it because how are we supposed to follow God if we can't even follow our parents? or because most of us inevitably become parents, and even the bad ones feel better about themselves if at least their offspring can manage to respect and obey them?

everyone needs to feel good about themselves at some point, despite what kind of shit they've pulled. how else are they supposed to pull themselves out of black holes? and i know that escaping a black hole is impossible, i'm talking of course about figurative black holes, they can be shirked.


- thursday, jan. 8, 2009


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