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I had a dream this morning, or rather three.

One was sexy; I was a masseuse and the man I was working with slowly came onto me. This is what happens when you leave your vibrator at home. :) Oh, well. I'll be back by the 6th, at least. And then prepare for a vibrathon! Hell yeah.

The second dream was about Granddad. He and the other family members were out hanging around post-giftage and I was reading a book in joy's old room. He knocked on my door and asked me what I was reading. Then he said, "well come out and tell us about it!" If that's not a sign that I should go socialize, I don't know what is. Anyway I felt guilty falling asleep at that juncture, but I just couldn't keep my poor head up.

The third dream was brief, but powerful. I opened an e-mail from Matt number 2 and it said,

"I know about everything."

And I wish he did...but seeing as the second dream had truth in it, perhaps the third one did, too.

- thursday, dec. 25, 2008


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