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in case i hadn't bashed marc enough, here's more. and i tried pot!

I wrote the following idiotic barf for my playwriting class. My prompt was self-imposed, it was:

"What if everything you assumed about the love of your life was wrong, and you read his blog and found out he was still in love with you?”

Then I realized everything I had written was complete and total bullshit. People who do this to you do not love you. They want you gone, they want to hurt you.

He cannot be the love of my life. I wish I didn't want him to be anymore. I think as soon as I get a better guy, one who cares, wants to see me, and who I actually like in return--I think when that guy comes along, Marcus will be a long-forgotten smudge of dirt.

So yeah, here's the bullshit that I wrote:

-Jeremiah and Allison are college students who meet online via a blogging site. They decide to meet one day for a coffee date. Allison finds that Jeremiah is very negative, unattractive, and not much fun to be around. At the end of the date, Jeremiah asks if she wants to go out again, and she politely says no. He says, “Can I ask why?” And she says, “no.” Before the date, Jeremiah had just gotten off work, and he worked two shifts that day (one at both of his jobs.)

-Allison avoids him online and in any other ways for the next three months. Then one day Jeremiah instant messages her and they start chatting.

-For the next couple of months, they get to know each other fairly well online. She reveals to him that she has never been kissed, and he offers to be her first. She accepts, and they make out. He says, “Do you regret it?” And she replies, “Not at the moment.”

-A couple of months later, they go to a movie as friends.

-A couple of months later, they make out again.

-A couple of months later, they take a walk in the park as friends.

-A couple of months later, they make out again, and in the middle of it she says she wants him to stop, because she likes him. He says he likes her too, and wants to keep her around, but then he doesn’t call her for a week, and she’s furious with him.

-He calls to apologize for what he did, and since it’s 6 months later, she forgives him. They agree to meet one Friday evening to catch up, and when that time comes around, he bails via text, writing that he has “family stuff” to do, and not to worry about it. She is unnerved by this and doesn’t believe him, but pretends to. He won’t tell her what the family thing is. The next day he texts again, saying, “If you want to hang out, give me a ring.” This of course only makes her angrier.


also, i tried pot last night at a gay anti-valentine's day party! more on that shindig later.

- sunday, feb. 15, 2009


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