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so i don't think i ever told you this, diary, but i got back on the dating site. i pretty much ignore it unless someone messages me or rates me or anything like that.

i e-met a guy on there named bobbie, and we chatted for 2-2.5 hours. he seems cool. the only thing i'm not into is that he has "casual encounters" on his list of things that he's looking for. he's looking for everything: friends, activity partners, long term relationships, short term relationships, and casual encounters. eek.

all i know is that if he has the balls to ask me out (and i hope he does, he only lives about 20 miles away,) i'm going to be absolutely straight with him and say, "i just need you to know that i'm not into fwb setups, and i don't ever want that." i might even add, "if i sense that it's turning into that, i'll leave." but then that second part sounds sort of threatening. but then i need it to be absolutely crystal clear.

i know on my page it says looking for friends and long-term relationships, and NOT casual encounters, but i just have to be 100% clear with him.

i wish he didn't have that up there.

anyway, he's like me in that he was raised methodist. he now considers himself spiritual, but not really a Christian, i guess. we're a little different there, but i think we're actually on about the same page.

i see potential here. :D

he's a star wars geek, works in computery things, likes good music, and sees humor in everyday life, which is great. he's sarcastic, he says. ...yeah, i guess he's pretty sarcastic. i haven't seen much of it yet. i would say i'm interested. i'm just concerned that he won't have the balls to just ask me out.

sigh...he's fairly cute, with pretty eyes and dark hair. a little chunky, but so am i, and i don't mind it. we like to do a lot of the same things.

he likes writing, and is doing nano this november. he's also been dared to do airsex at the movie theater next time around, and he's going to take them up on their offer. i wonder if i could go there and see him in funny would that be, if i never communicated with him again until he went up and did that. then i could IM him and say something creepy like, "you were so good last night up on that stage, it was all so hot!" ha.

i have a mind in the gutter. that's a good place for it. man i wish my roommate wasn't here. my vibrator is calling my name. tommorow, sweetheart, when she's at class.

the other day i was at kerbey and my waiter kept calling me sweetheart. i am a sucker for guys who call me that. i just want to curl up with them and make out, too...aie. it is one of those words that's simultaneously 100% sweet and 100% erotic. i know not everyone sees it that way, but that's what the word means to me. it's a term of endearment, but it's also a show that the guy is dominant. and it can be said so innocently and mean something dirty. ah! i love it.

but anyway, the kerbey guy is paid to flirt, and plenty of texans refer to strangers as 'sweetheart' when it's a customer/waiter relationship.

so yeah, that's a way into my heart--calling me sweetheart.

- wednesday, feb. 25, 2009


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