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one night memory keeper

i am never doing THAT again. A perfect night and an awful morning. I mean really guys, what the FUCK?! Where do you get off? Oh that's right, in your dorm rooms at four in the morning with women who think they love you.

Casual sex can cause depression, and DEPRESSION can cause DEATH. So stop fucking around, damnit.

How it went down:

A: Am I...ever gonna...see you again?

B: Honestly, I don't think so. Probably not. I don't mean to be a dickhead...I guess I just thought that...that was it. I'm sorry if I confused you...

A: At least you're honest. Bye.

A part I wish had been added:

A: What's my name?

B: ...I don't know. I'm sorry. What is it?

A: You know, you may know me but you'll never know my name. (exit)

and lastly, lame song lyrics about it:

today i
put on my shoes
looked around
at your plain face
and found my gown

today i
walked out the room
silent and unwavering
last night you could sing
last night i could be

i opened the door again
i said,
am i
ever gonna
see you

that was it
that was it?
that was it

you know
you may know me;
you'll never know
my name
never know my shame
never know the way
i am
i am
i am
above this soiled land

these lips are bruised
this body used
just get a grip
you were his trip

why am i always the one to carry the memory?

- saturday, march 28, 2009


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