backyard crowing


and i'm a shaman

listening to: RHCP's "scar tissue"

this song always makes me think of one thing only: driving to tulsa with dad. we were hunting for good stations, and there were none, so we settled with a mediocre rock station...after a few songs, this one came on. i was so excited! finally, a song i knew. i didn't know who it was by at the time...

sometimes mediocre music makes great music even greater.

"...with the birds of shay it's so loooonely with youuuuu..."


got my roommie to pay me her half of the electric bill today.

woke up at 3 pm...twittered. i am a twitter whore now.

i'm also on pandora.

and plinky.

and right now i'm waiting for WoW to load on my computer. weird, i never thought i'd try it, but the commercials seem intriguing. i have enough internet accounts to feed a small army.

get your bras out of the bathroom sink, yveee! i need to wash my face. you get an M for Meh, roommie. :D

six minutes until i get addicted to WoW, y'all! will i be a shaman like william shatner? we shall see...i'm nervous my wireless connection won't be sufficient enough. i really ought to be doing homework.

and washing dishes! my roommate must be annoyed at me back.

this post really isn't going anywhere. what do i even write about anymore?

i've noticed that if i look to older posts, i get bored, sad, amused, or i come to the realization that yesterday was EXACTLY like a day i had a year or so ago. i muse about the same things, year after year. what good is quantity when my quality seems to be sucking?

dad says this is a sign that i have a steady psyche, or something...but that's SAD, because if you have depression, you don't want that to be consistent. but the dr. says it's recurring anyway, so...ugh. am i really doing this again? feeling down because i've been diagnosed as someone who feels down?

- thursday, march 19, 2009


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