backyard crowing


what if he's writing the great american novel?

i don't feel like talking about my problems anymore. they don't get better. it's just a rehashing. it's easier to ignore them.

but just that will get me into a deeper hole.

"self-fulfilling prophecy," she's right. bah! i'm tired. my fault, again. now that tv on the internet is available, i actually watch it.

what if i don't want this?

pedi cabs make $250 per day, and they work 3 nights per week. the roommie's friend does that for a living, and he has a college degree. she thinks it's lame, says she'd never do that, and the look on her face--she thinks he's ridiculous.

i said, "what if he's...writing the next great american novel?" she shook her head. "no way," she said. but what if he was? would that make a difference? should it?

no, it should not. why is it her business what his business is? he doesn't drive HER around!

downsides to pedi cabbing:

-i'm a girl, and i don't want to get raped
-i would need to work out a lot to get into shape before my first day
-what if i couldn't carry a load and had to back out?
-what if i got sick/injured?
-holidays must be slow times, i'd have to save up for them
-what if i got overexhausted and couldn't complete my mission?
-what if i got leg cramps? ew. i get those sometimes as it is. granted, those are because i DON'T work out...iono.
-oh yeah, and no health insurance as a pedi cab driver, i'm sure
-oh yeah, and my parents would shoot their loads (HA!)


-if i'm not mistaken, you're your own boss
-big money
-beaucoup de downtime
-a "fuck you" attitude develops in the pedi cab drivers, i'll bet. they deal with enough drunks to know how to operate and DOMINATE. bitch. don't mess with the zora. ;)

been watching too much how i met your mother.


ruining my own life.

why do we pull this shit on ourselves? really. i mean, come on. what the fuck?

i dressed up for wine and weed last night. full makeup, too. new shower gel, new lip gloss, new razors for 'down there,' new hair clips, and my awesome paris blues jeans. way to make a chubby girl feel totally gorgeous, torrid.

Did you know?!

That the word 'totes' is being used on some celebrity blog in place of the world 'totally?'

Did you care?!

No, but I do, because that is redonkulous. Please. This is not "I Love You, Man." We can speak. With our mouths!

Isn't that exciting?!

Clearly it's 7:45 am and I haven't slept in OH AGES.

7:47 am - Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2009


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