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I can break a heart. Canoe?

I haven't had a chance to write about it yet, but about 3 days ago I got an email from an ex boyfriend. This was Joe--the first of the two Joes I've dated.

He sends me nothing but a link. I open it on my phone. It's for some sort of weightloss thing. Really, Joe? Thought you were a little more mature than that, but I guess not.

He's blocked now, at least in the gmail sense. Anything that comes from his email address goes straight to the Delete folder. I wish I could make it pop back at him, tell him that email address doesn't exist anymore. In my line of work, fuck, I could fake such an email if I cared enough to fabricate one.

I'm tempted to just delete all of our conversations, emails, everything. Only three months of dating, but there's a fair amount of conversing there, not to mention the blip of time we dated again a few years later. He's certainly not proving himself to be worth remembering...and yet, this story deserves its own entry, because it's so ridiculous.

WHOOOOOOO does that? Please.

I also blocked him on the faaaaithbook. We weren't friends anyway, but now he can't see shit. ;)

The last thing I could think of was twitter. As I haven't tweeted in ages, and I did 3 days ago, and he follows I FORCED him to think about me, apparently.

So, because he's so curious about me, I scoped out a recent pic. Ladies, I dodged one bearded, balding, chubby bullet:

This is where the terrible picture goes. But even I'm not mean enough to post it. I'm becoming a tired old woman, and maybe it's for the best. I love my boyfriend, even if he is a bit bland sometimes.

Evidently, I can break a heart...and rebreak it.

And what's also sad is that his email, petty as it was, nagged at me a bit all weekend long. I wasn't myself the whole time. My dad and grandparents came down, we ate Abuelo's, saw Lincoln, generally had a nice time. Ray even met them. It was a stressful time - they said they weren't coming, then call me the morning of, and say, "Nevermind, see you at six," and suddenly all my plans are changed. Dad can be stupid annoying with that stuff.

Also met Shani and Dan for a second time, Ray's friends. They seem nice, chill...they have three children. We ate barbeque, and I tried my first clove cigarette. They leave you sweet tasting around the lips! Fun fact: they also contain nicotine, and are worse for you than regular cigs.

In incomplete news, Ray lives with his cousin, Tobey, who love/hates the neighbor girl, Kristal.

These two will have a large place in this diary in recent days, I've a feeling. He's an alcoholic, she has old family problems, and they both come from white trash, essentially. He's an alcoholic and deals various drugs, she ...well, she's just a little crazy.

She broke into his window and threatened to tazer him the other day, with his own tazer gun! It was an ambush, he was coming home from somewhere. So, he grabbed the tazer, but she still had the case, and gave him a black eye with it.

Today, at least according to my lover's text, she ran her truck into his garden.

They're a strange love, a crazy love, a love so awful and intense I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. They both manipulate each other. Sometimes it's tough on me to watch these things unfold, so I can't imagine what it must be like as Tobey's roommate and cousin.

2:24 am - Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013


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