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lost wallet

I have no butter, milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, eggs...losing your wallet in this situation isn't so ideal.

I've survived on Zatarain's mixes, coffee, the little yogurt I had, salmon burgers, bread from the freezer that I stole from my ex roommate, chocolate crunch tea with honey to satiate my need for chocolate, green tea that I would have consumed anyway, margaritas for when shit hits the fan, 2 Lean Cuisines from that same roommate, mac and cheese...

I really miss food. The other day I saw Vedgucated, a documentary wherein 4 unlikely vegans -- Americans accustomed to consuming large quantities of animal products -- agree to go vegan for six weeks.

The documentarian was once an unlikely vegan herself, and decided to spread the word by taking the four to speak with health experts, showing them gory documentaries about inhumane farming practices, and following their tough, but rewarding journey.

In the end, one becomes a vegan for the rest of her life, one a vegetarian, and two become mostly vegans. Doctors take their stats before and after their diet, and they see varying degrees of improvements. One girl loses 2 pounds, one guy 10. Cholestorol levels decrease.

Maybe that's me soon.

10:35 pm - Saturday, Feb. 02, 2013


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