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I just watched a preview for a movie called Safe Haven. The main character says, "I've had things happen to me in the past."

Brilliant. Surely this will win best picture.


Note: This is not becoming a food blog, or a diet blog, or any other blog but mine own. Tomorrow I may write about toads or something far more interesting than what goes on my plate.

That being said, I've never actually counted calories before.

I have eaten today, thus far:

-90 cal - 1 c soymilk
-380 cal - 1 c raw steel cut oats
-water, unsweetened mint tea, Women's One A Day (not counting that)
-160 cal - 2 slices toast
-40 cal of hummus (roughly)
-40 cal of wholly guacamole (roughly)
-100 cal - 1 c grapefruit juice
-45 cal - 6 oz of blackberries
-110 - banana
-320 - half a cup of roasted, lightly salted peanuts

Total: 1285 cal

B-b-but that's just breakfast...

I'm reading that 1,444 calories per day will allow me to lose weight, and 1,805 will just maintain what I already weigh. 1288 calories per day will mean "extreme" fat loss, but I'm not trying to be superwoman here.

These numbers mean in order to eat what I consider a "normal" amount, I'm going to need to get of my butt and exercise. My job is stressful and sedentary, so I eat. I want to change this.

Working out is going to mean stress relief from a source other than food consumption. Hurrahhh!

The other day the boy and I hiked part of the Greenbelt, a total of 7 miles in about three hours. I was spent. It was awesome. I wasn't sore, but my head and stomach hurt.

I may google "why counting calories is bad" just so I can figure out some other way of doing this. Then again, the only way to lose is to burn more calories than you take in, so perhaps I need a reality check.

Maybe I should just call it a day and go to sleep at 2pm. Then when I wake up it's like a new day, so the calorie counting starts all over again...right?

1:24 pm - Monday, Feb. 11, 2013


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