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New York Dream

The other day I dreamed I lived in New York in a large room with maybe 13 other girls. We were all in bunk beds, it was like living in a hostel.

Our abode also included another large room, but it was for men. I'd slept with one of the guys, just casually, and was unaware that one of my roommates had feelings for him.

As it turned out, this particular girl had a lot of sway as to who was allowed to live at the house, so I was suddenly concerned about the roof over my head. Then I woke up.

I didn't tell Ray that dream. He wasn't a character, and I was single. I don't know that it's wise to tell your boyfriend every dream.

The truth is still that I wouldn't mind living in squalor for the privilege of New York life, just for a year or two, or ten. He might, however. He's a small town boy.

2:05 pm - Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013


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