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paint shop dream

I'm going to a paint shop.

The walls are a little yellowed, they're supposed to be white, and they themselves need paint.

A worker comes outside with a bottle of white spray paint, starts fixing the yellowness.

He goes to the bathroom. I decide spray painting looks like fun, so I start doing his job. He doesn't come out...eventually I feel I probably am way out of line doing this, so I set the can down and go inside.

I'm looking for paint, at first, for some reason I can't remember. I walk to the other side of the room, and suddenly I'm not in a paint shop, I'm in a freaking R.E.I.

There's a display of water filtration systems for camping combined with a dieting display -- you know, a "we'll send you a truckload of gross food, and you'll get skinny" area. I notice one of the diets costs $123,000 to follow.

A sales lady asks me if I need any help, and I accept her offer. I want to see how a certain diet tastes, and so she takes a bite of the sample, chews it a little, and asks me to eat the food out of her mouth. It's a corn-carrot-greens combo. Because this is a dream, I take the bite out of her mouth. I'm not sure why I think this is normal, but oh, well...

Surely white paint covering yellow on a building must have something to do with shame, and covering something up.

11:57 pm - Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013


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