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Turns out, old Manischewitz that you can't stand to drink goes just fine with some grapefruit juice! Delicious. Relatively delicious.

Why am I writing here today? Because I'm tired and I just started the other day?

So, I have to ask my roommate Kim this very annoying question, the question of whether she'd be willing to move into the room next to mine, instead of just staying in her room. The reasoning? The internet in the room next to her sucks, and...God, this is just so, SO boring. Avoidance personality disorder, LET'S DO THIS!

I wish I had more than five dollars to my name. Or that I wasn't five bucks away from being 8K in cc debt. I don't even know what to do anymore. Maybe I shouldn't go back to school this fall.

I'm tired. That seems to be the only reason for not doing anything lately: I'm tired. I hate asking people favors.

Oh! Hey! You know what happened the other day???

My fellow improviser Claude, who is an avid motorcyclist and owns several, ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO BORROW A SCOOTER SOMETIME.

Diary, what you don't know about this phase of my life is that I am 100% out of a car. However, I 100% have an M license, so the second I can afford a piece of shit, I'll buy it. Maybe. I guess it can't be a TOTAL shitstorm, otherwise I'm fucked down the line.

Right now I'm borrowing Ray's baby. Raby the silver truck, as it were. If he and I ever have kids...and I suppose I hope we do... we'll have Rabies. Rabies! LOL PUNS!!!

This must be an awful read. Thanks, Manischewitz!

But the thing is this: if I can borrow Claude's scooter, I will shirk this feeling of powerlessness, the sense that Capmetro has me by the balls, the overwhelming frustration with public transportation that makes my brain muscles shake in fury and buzz till they fizzle.

Man, can you imagine how pitiful (and fucking lucky) I'd be right now if I'd gotten my degree in 2009? I'd have been rolling in money, saying, "You know, it really sucks that I only make 25K a year, because of the economy. Woe is me."

Self pity really sucks. I'm for punching people. Pro-choice, and pro-punching.

9:47 pm - Monday, Jul. 29, 2013


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