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liquor stores and life forces

When you forget that liquor stores close at 9pm, not 8pm, that's a moment when you feel old. I don't care, but it makes me laugh.

Today I did 15 minutes of yoga and had to stop for a fair bit of water. Then 10 more minutes, then turned off Jillian Michaels because FUCK that noise.

I want to go walk 6 or so miles on a treadmill but lack the motivation. I think I have to actually enjoy the exercise to stick with it. Wandering around a forested area? Training for said wandering on a treadmill? That I can do with more of a smile. And, more of an ipod.

Last week, I tried a much easier yoga video on my lunch break that lasted 20 minutes. It focused more on breathing, and less on kicking my ass. My legs felt longer, and my fingers tingly. The video narrator said the tingles are from a life force.

I felt my life force, guys! So groovy.


7:56 pm - Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013


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