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hideous anger, quit fucking with me

I continue to hate my apartment complex.

This time, it's that I can't afford a motherfucking shower curtain rod, and they're saying they can't provide one.

She says, "I had to buy MY shower curtain rod, and probably the only reason you have one is because it was left."

Fucking liars. I looked at my rod--which matched the one in the other room PERFECTLY--and swapped the two. I'm not going to let their bullshit get to me. They think they've won this time, so I'll let them. Fuck that shit. They tell EVERYONE that line.

They're going to tell it to my new roommate, too, and then she'll go ballistic, for sure. I'm not sure if I want to just throw the broken one away, or leave it laying in the bathtub. Probably just throwing it away is the better answer. With the crap they put people through, they deserve to get yelled at.

Don't lie, folks. It's simple.

5:24 pm - Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013


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