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I used the leg lift weight machine today, 4 sets of 25. Then did the same thing, only just with toe points, and another leg machine because leg machines and 1 treadmill is what works at my apartment complex gym.

Also burned 650 calories walking on said treadmill. Yay.

I'm tired.

I start school again on August 28th, if the financial aid goes through without a hitch. I'm not sure I believe this is happening yet. I might take a picture of myself on the first day of school again. Corny, maybe, but it would give me happiness.

Chris Al. has me thinking I should pursue RTF (radio/tv/film). Or English. But not journalism, because deep down, that's not what I want for myself. And frankly, he's right.

2:16 am - Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013


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