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dean day in t minus 2 days

There's no difference between a stripper and a singer anymore. I just saw the Miley Cyrus VMA performance... wtf?!

I go back to school at 1pm on Wednesday, August 28th. That's in two days. I am all sorts of excited, and all sorts of nervous. I also meet with the dean that day.

Improv practice with my troupe (yet unnamed) happens later today. So does work. I'd better sleep, but I want to say hi.

Borrowing my fellow troupe member Ben's car while he goes to Las Vegas for 5 days. Will be taking him to and from the airport. If he thinks I am doing him a favor, he is sorely mistaken. Ah, to be behind the wheel again. I hope my financial aid comes in soon, otherwise I'll be rentless.

Goodnight, paduans.

"Now would you please eat your fluffy goddamn delicious eggs." - Hick

12:56 am - Monday, Aug. 26, 2013


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