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dream pool fish

Had a dream about jumping in and out of a pool. It was an elevated pool, a cylinder, and it wasn't very big, maybe 8 feet deep. Usually the pool was closed; I'm not sure if I was using it during its open hours. When it was closed, it was a very dark pool, and a scary one, due to the mechanical bits at the bottom. It was creepy, as if something in the base of the (elevated) pool would at any moment start cranking and sucking you under. I jumped up into the air from the center of the pool, like a fish, and fell back down into the pool. When I jumped, my entire body left the pool, cleared the surface. I did this continually.

There was also some bit where I was dating my stepbrother Doug, but I can't remember it, really. I think we were swingers or something. Weird, but eh, it's just a dream. :)

2:20 am - Saturday, Sept. 07, 2013


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