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is it weird that I hear trumpets when you're turning me on?

No more dreams since the last one.

Today I learned that chitterlings are pig intestines, and they're soul food.

The "chitlin' circuit" was a group of venues across the US where African Americans were permitted to perform, despite segregation elsewhere.

In Austin, we have a chitlin' circuit relic called the Victory Grill, and since I'm doing a project on Motown/Stax Records, I intend to visit.

In other news, the shoots are over for my film and Melo's. Hers was 5 hours the first day, and 13+ hours the second. I steal the time I have and spend it on things I shouldn't be doing. ...and then further ruin my own life.

12:50 am - Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014


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