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Last semester, I was googling, "What to do when you're in love with your TA."

This semester, it's: "What to do when you hate your TA."

I hate her and she intimidates me, so I have zero desire to speak to her. She doesn't seem to notice this is an intro class, we're beginners!

Part of the problem is that you can re-write any assignments (except for one)--and your rewrites don't go to her, they go to the professor. While I'm glad this means I have no interaction with her, it also means there's no chance for me to go into office hours and discover that she's actually a nice human being, she's just an awful grader.

The other problem is that one TA gives 5 out of 5 just for DOING the damn assignment. A fucking completion grade!

While I don't think completion grades are reasonable for this class, neither do I agree with her holier-than-thou approach.

I can't WAIT to give her terrible marks for her asshattery at the end of the semester. You want to fuck with my GPA? I'll fuck with your career, you cunt bitch.

I understand -- you don't want to be a TA, you want to be a screenwriter in Hollywood! Fantastic! Then fuck right off and go do that, since it's so easy, and we're so elementary!

10:50 pm - Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015


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