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Since turning 18, I have changed my political party, my sexuality, my name, and my religion -- in that order. I've had four majors. I should have empathy for my parents, I now realize that I've put them through quite a lot.

For the record:
-Freshman year of college - Republican to Democrat
-Junior Yearish - from straight to bisexual
-2009 - My name from J to Z
-Around 2012 - I began learning about Messianic Judaism, and started feeling less Methodist, more Messianic
-Majors: French, Journalism, English, Film

The reason I'm writing this? The dad feels out of whack with a Messianic officiant at my wedding. He will have to deal with it, and I wish he wasn't so pointed in his questions regarding my religion. I let him be with his, after all. Little frustrated, and newly committed to Judaism after having talked to him.

Later...I'm really thinking he shouldn't be invited to the ceremony, that's how strongly I feel about it. I would rather it be a private ceremony that I cherish forever than a public one full of ridicule. And if dad is the ridiculer, then he has no purpose there.

12:57 am - Sunday, Mar. 22, 2015


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