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Today I have a girl's night out (or in?) with KT from CL, and another gal she met on CL.

A few months ago (in January) I went on Craigslist to find platonic gal pals, and I responded to two ads. One didn't reply, and the other is KT, who is awesome, and who I haven't seen in over a month.

She's new to the city, has a boyfriend (at least last I heard from her,) and is mom to a black cat. She's taking an Astrology course for kicks at the university.

Anyway, I miss her, and I can't wait for tonight. I really hope I like the girl she's bringing. I need this night.

In other news, I got to go to R's school (he's a teaching assistant) today for their monthly talent show. The school consists of about 200 high schoolers, and they come there if they're at risk of not graduating. It's self-paced, they're highly motivated, and they usually come from bad family issues. They come from all over the city on city buses, and they're quite unique, just like their school.

They have a ukelele club, an organic garden, geese, ping pong in the cafeteria, chess in the hallways, a healthy vending machine, and a meditation room that says, "don't hate, meditate!" It's fantastic.

During the talent show, the last act was a surf rock band called Pan***. At the end of one of their songs, someone came over the announcements and said, "Attention all students, Pan*** is in the cafeteria, they are very loud and very awesome!"

And the kids are amazing, they sit and focus on their work, and they often graduate early. They're polite, and they have hair in varying colors. There's a dress code, I'm sure, but it's more lax than normal public schools.

The kids go through a 45 minute interview to gain acceptance to the school. A genius plan, this school is.

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