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Yesterday's TA meeting wasn't too bad, we just talked about my TV outline, and TV drama formulas. She seemed pretty calm, and we even went about 10 minutes into overtime.

I still don't like her, and she won't be getting a good review, but at least we have a better understanding. She says stupid things like, "this scares me," as if that'll make me worry. It really just makes me mad. Naturally, she's friends with the director of the thing I did sound for a couple of weeks ago. Those two are bitter, angry peas in a pod.

On that note, I was in editing class yesterday when my TA and co-student were talking about life, etc. The guy (who I thought was on my side?) said something like, "I think the takeaway from this semester is to get someone you trust who knows what they're doing with sound." And I worked with these two -- on sound -- a mere 2-3 weeks ago. I piped up, "How was the sound on..."

And then he interrupted, having not heard me. Then they started to joke about how they should get someone who's never mixed surround to do their mix. Really?

When you're not paying anyone, and you're desperate, you get students. And students are learning. To talk about this shit right in front of one of your sound people is disrespectful, and I certainly don't want to work with them again. Hell, perhaps the feeling is mutual. I'm pretty tired of jerks in film school.

When you're about to throw shade, at least look around first.

12:15 pm - Thursday, Apr. 16, 2015


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