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Today we had course evaluations for my bad writing TA. I was the evaluation "hander-offer" to the office - in other words, it was my job to deliver the evals to the appropriate hands.

During class, we had drinks (those 21 and up of course) at the nearby bar. Because it's a class that begins and ends AFTER the film school office closes, I kept the course evals, and looked at them before turning them in. My instructor asked me to turn in the evals before we all went to the bar, and I walked upstairs to do just that, but then stuffed them into my backpack. I'll turn it in tomorrow.

I wrote a mean eval, and noticed everyone else's was far more pleasant. I began to think about job opportunities, and how I don't want people screwing me over in the future.

So I threw away the old eval, and created a new one. Instead of being harsh, like she was, I gave her a mediocre but critical review. She needs to hear these things. She failed us as a TA in so many ways.

I felt better, changing my eval. And I feel that this new one is far more specific, and helpful. She can write, she is intelligent, she just needs help being a decent teacher.

Whew. What a load off.

9:43 pm - Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2015


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