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in hell, she'll be force fed domino's

R came over tonight, we had a great time, mostly.

He tried and failed to help me with good script ideas. He's terrible at storytelling, and good at math. He snacked and drank, we had sex, we both came. It was nice.

And then as he said goodbye, I noticed him staring at my roommate. He says he didn't, that he just waved, but I'm not stupid. I HOPE I didn't see what I think I did. I HOPE I'm wrong. We've resolved to talk about it tomorrow, rather than fighting over texts. But I don't have time for him tomorrow, nor do I feel like talking to him.

I hate that I don't trust him, and that I'm so jealous. I hate thinking at times that I could be right.

Last week, I looked at his texts to/from Crys the bitch, and I looked at them from "day 1" of texting, up to recently. It seems maybe he is innocent. But I still hate her, and I'm having none of her, ever again. His cousin can still GTFO, and I'll pretend to be cordial.

Last week, I felt much better, much more peaceful about the situation. And then now, he looks at my roommate? If that's even what happened? God. I wish I trusted him. It's not easy, and it's not something that comes naturally to me at all.

Add to it that I asked her if a domino's box was hers, and she says, "Definitely not." Are you kidding me, bitch? I know you've eaten domino's in your life. She can go fuck herself. I officially have NO PLACE I can hang at with my fiance. Not my place, and not his. And we sure as hell can't afford a room. Tonight I think I'll check only my mail, she can do her own damn mail checking.

8:44 pm - Friday, May. 01, 2015


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