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the threats he perceives / donnie

Watching Donnie Darko twice in two days has been extraordinarily comforting.

Donnie is lost, confused, scared, stressed, and sometimes terrified. "He does not know how to cope with the threats he perceives around him," his therapist says.

That's about like me, only less end-of-the-world, less schizo and more paranoid.

Maybe R didn't stare at my roommate, maybe I imagined it because I'm jealous of her body type.

Donnie is violent, too. Fortunately I am not, but it does seem appealing sometimes.

Sometimes as I walk around campus, I want to start yelling at slow walkers in front of me. I have goals, reasons for living. Why are they walking so slowly?

And lastly, the movie turns an eye to parallel universes. When I think of Jim the TA, and of Dave my acting friend, and of how well we get on compared to my own fiance, I like to think about how in some parallel universe, I am married to them. It's not that I'm missing out, it's that in this universe, I wasn't meant to love them any more than platonically.

10:49 am - Sunday, May. 03, 2015


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