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stir frys and stability

It's days like today when I know I'm going to be with R forever and ever. He came over tonight, we did stir fry, one of the first things we ever cooked together. We had a whole era when we did stir frys all the time, and for fun I would research different types of woks.

Anyway, I don't love him for his mad stir fry skills, but that's a nice "icing on top" he has.

He came over, we hugged, and talked a little small talk, then sat down and hugged some more. We talked about my jealousy, the argument, and I apologized. We asked each other if we were okay, etc. etc. I am not okay at the moment, but I've had no one with whom to share my struggles.

I'm so happy, and so thankful, that we've found each other! We are different, and yet the same.

How could I ever leave a guy like him? He'! It's such a relief to know you've met the one. I'm a lucky gal. I've done something right. I miss him right now!

12:00 am - Monday, May. 04, 2015


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