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So I'm on facebook today, and I notice this photo of a woman I hardly knew in college, out in her fancy duds, in a restaurant in some foreign country.

The words in quotation marks below were her notes under the photo:

“There is something to be said about a woman with stamps in the pages of her passport."

Uh, yeah. She's rich.

"There’s something genuinely beautiful and wonderful about a woman with a need to explore, to leave the ordinary to dive into the unknown. The woman who travels is the woman who never settles, never accepts her life as complete or fulfilled."

She's beautiful because she's rich enough to buy nice clothes and makeup, and she's REALLY excited! She'll never be happy, because what life gives her is never enough.

"There is a longing that won’t be satisfied by a man or a job, only by the thrill that comes with stepping off a plane.”

She's too busy being rich to care about fucking or having an accomplished career!

I'm all for travel, and female empowerment, but this particular photo with this particular quote rubbed me the wrong way. If I were rich, I could congratulate myself for spending my own money, too. Cool!

7:46 am - Tuesday, May. 05, 2015


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