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born an idiot

Happy Mother's Day, or whatever.

It seems I will always have issues with my fiance's roommate. Always. I can't look at his fb profile without being disgusted. I hate that R spends anytime at all with that leech.

One thing to try and remember: he had a shit relationship with his mother. The thought being, it's more commonplace to be a shithead if you're raised by a shithead. R's roommate seems to think it's absolutely a-okay to cheat on a woman. So you can see how I don't want my fiance hanging out with someone like that. -- and, also why the guy is such an ass.

I wish R could see how idiotic the guy is, and just say goodbye. Or at least, goodbye for now.

"Sometimes, the first step towards forgiveness is realizing the other person was born an idiot."

10:24 pm - Sunday, May. 10, 2015


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