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My latest crush will not be acted on, nor have any of the others, while I've been with R. And that's a good thing, something I'm proud of.

But, like the others, I need to vent a little about him, so that I do not act.

His name is Jon, and he works for a company that rents boats out on the marina where I work. He boats people around, cleans boats, and the like. I work the convenience store.

He's outgoing, a little goofy, cute. Got the slightly chubby thing with glasses going on. The beard. Ahh.

I'm not sure, but I think he likes me back.

Even if I was single, we would not work out. But it's fun to think of what we'd do if the time and place were right.

Today, he came into the store, and we chatted. He asked me several questions:

"What's your life story? Where are you from?"

"What makes Z tick?"

"If you could have three famous people to dinner, dead or alive, who would they be?" (His three were Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Wilde, and Oliver Stone.)

"What's unique about you?"

"What's your favorite director?"

"What's your third favorite movie?"

It's the slow, steady build of crushes that's so appealing. That, and being liked. Being someone for whom others have a curiosity. Being a woman so interesting that despite the shyness of others, they ask her personal questions anyway. Mystery.

He's from H-town, too. Lived in Tennessee for awhile, for some investment banker or such. He studied, dropped out, then dropped in again to get two degrees - one in advertising, one in some sort of psychology.

Right out of college, he got THE job of jobs at this firm - but he hated it. He never got picked on, because he was a higher up, but he saw others get picked on, and he hated it. The CEO's wife controlled the CEO, manipulated him into being awful.

Then he got an easy "summer job" on the lake, which he loves. But the season ends when November begins. So it's back to resumes and interviews for him.

Am I incorrect for thinking these personal questions at the end of the season mean he's interested in me? Maybe he's just bored. But I don't know. Maybe he's been interested, and he knows he needs to act now, if ever he wants to see me again.

He studied psychology of some sort, and I get along exceptionally well with psych majors.

I've never fantasized about him, but that's to come, perhaps...yum.

Anyway, last night I had a wettish dream - about policemen having their way with women. No shame. Fantasy is not reality.

11:05 pm - Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015


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