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I hate nightmares

Had a dream last night that R went out on a date with someone named Rachel. We lived in my childhood home in H-town, and he went out one day, told me he was off doing something else, but then actually went to dinner with this Rachel girl.

He got home, I got mad, and he brushed it off like it was no big deal. Not sure what to do next, I got on fb and made a nasty post detailing the whole ordeal to publicly humiliate him, and see what my friends had to say.

Woke up, immediately got on fb, and looked to see if he knew anyone with the name Rachel. The closest I could find was a dead girl - a girl who he knew who killed herself awhile back. Rachel wasn't even her first name, it was her middle name. When she died, he mentioned it, and called her by her first name.

Not that names matter, of course. I wish I had asked him something more specific - like, "Are you cheating on me?"

Because obviously if there's something going on, I don't care what the girl's name is. Maybe I'll bring it up again.

We've been seeing less of each other lately, since I've been in the edit lab all the time. That's where I am now.

Today we got to finally relax a little. Had some fun in bed, cleaned the kitchen, chilled. Every once in a while, I'll tell him I miss him. Because I do. Being so busy sucks, and it's been going on three weeks now.

Back to the edit.

I'm going to kick the motherfucking ass out of this commercial!!! Ready? Go!

6:34 pm - Sunday, Nov. 01, 2015


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