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Lab computer is about to shut off. It does at 5am every monday morning, so I'm just waiting for the inevitable.

So much editing left to do. This cut may suck tremendously. I'm oddly calm about it.

Some days you feel ire toward your professor, and some days you don't.

I'm lonely lately. Might be my period, I don't know.

Went to R's parents house last night to have dinner. We had quail (shot by his dad) and some kind of red meat. Great stuff.

R's aunt and uncle from HI were there as well, which was a special treat. They are some of my favorite relatives of his. She's a lawyer, and he directs a "popular national family oriented gym." (You know what that gym is, I don't like to give specifics away.)

Anyway, it's nice to see a woman lawyer and hear her side. She's very confident, well-spoken, and kind. Her husband is likewise, he once edited a newspaper on the island.

I occasionally hear about people doing nanowrimo on FB lately. No time this year...then again, there never is.

I really hope I get a good job once I'm out of here. Assistant editing, making my way. Even if I need two jobs, I could stand that. I just hope I'm happy enough with my first job. I've had so many bad ones. I'm 29. It's time for my real career to begin.

4:35 am - Monday, Nov. 09, 2015


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