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Your Iowan Existence

So, today I had screenwriting, and I'm writing a silly little movie about college students in Iowa who work for a theme park.

There are three heroes:
1) Fraternal Twin Evie - age 18
2) Fraternal Twin Ella - age 18
3) Geeky Older Man Sam - age 21

Evie wants to be a ballerina, Ella is undeclared and wishes she had a passion, and Sam is the middle ground--he's like the straight man, or even the audience. He strives for goals, but isn't selling his soul for them, either.

They live and work at a theme park in Altoona (there actually is one called Adventureland,) and they struggle against "the odds" to "make it" in life.

Anyway, it's made for some great Iowa phrases:

"There's more to life than your Iowan existence."

"Her own private Iowa."

"IOWA: Idiots Out Wandering Around."

That last one was stolen, but it's here because Iowa.

I did not sleep last night and have 2 hours with which to nap. So nap I shall. Into my own private Iowa. Ahhh...

1:12 pm - Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015


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