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Do you ever catch yourself randomly thinking about death and then starting to cry? Bah! Really wish I didn't do that so much.

That's stress + an ill grandma for you. Wish I knew her better, I think? But then this process would be harder...gosh.


I keep coming back to this phrase when getting stuck in fear with my video editing:

"You came from a long line of women who did what they had to do."

My great-grandma went back to school. My great aunt went back to become an accountant so she could support her kids as a single mom. My grandma went back for additional schooling so that she could be a different kind of nurse (preemie babies.) My mom went back to school after dropping out. So did I.

The message of import is, we keep hacking away at it.

Remember what Shanna said:

"I'm scared. I'm scared every day."

And she's 40, living in LA, living her dream. And she's scared.

And if this career didn't matter to me, I wouldn't cry, wouldn't get angry. I wouldn't walk with purpose, and people wouldn't take me seriously. It's so painful to care about something, but so worth it.

2:24 am - Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015


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