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Okay guys, I've figured it out: the reason a whole lot of us are locked is because we're honest in these diaries, and honesty can be a nasty, terrible thing. Still, that's what made this place beautiful, and still does: we're brutal, we're messy, this is us working out the kinks. Growth is not always pretty, or poetic.

So we lock up, and a bunch of people who would encourage us can't. We were 2.2 million users at our height, or so says a site.

Tonight I asked R, "Do you ever feel disconnected from other people?" To which he said, "Yeah, I think everyone does." Instant conversation shut down. What a dolt! That's not the end of any good story!

So I got to thinking about human connection, and how my heroine Hannah Hart is able to connect with ANYONE who comes on her show. She's goofy, they're goofy, she's sarcastic, they're sarcastic -- it's always tit for tat, a give and take, a banter anyone could admire.

I was looking at her latest episode, a Tunesday with some guy named Todrick, and they meshed brilliantly. I thought, "Hannah always connects with everyone, she never clashes with a guest, and never clashes with another human being." And of course my "better self" stepped in and declared that impossible.

"Always" and "never" are strong words, and they prevent humans from moving forward.

So I tried to prove myself wrong. I found that when Hannah and Rosanna Pansino collaborated, they just weren't terribly funny. They tried, but it wasn't happening. Their aesthetic is totally different. It's too much cute for one show -- too saccharine. On their own, they work as video makers, but together, it's TOO MUCH.

Conclusion: even Hannah Hart doesn't mesh with people sometimes. In fact, I'll bet there are people she hates. And that's totally fine. YAY HATE!

I think this entry was supposed to be earthier, full of substance. Sorry about that.

6:10 am - Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015


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