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why yes, this IS one of my better moments - freedom

He seems to be flirting with people in game. So I started downloading the latest update of his game on my PC. This is always what I do when I get upset with him for gaming so much.

I don't give a fuck if it's childish. I know a flirt when I see one - and I'll put a stop to it any damn way I can.

Such a relief to have this as a consolation prize. I know if I accused him of flirting, he'd deny it, and then try to tell me that the amount of time I've spent in the past few days playing Sims was too much. The thing is, I have a weekend where I'll play it - and then I won't play it again for months. He plays every single day, and since he plays with real people, he's forging relationships with them - some of them women.

The bottom line is, I still don't trust him. He speaks in a low whisper, his "sexy" voice. It pisses me off.

I officially don't believe in emotional cheating, and I'll "take part" in it. The other night I spent the entire time crying over this stupid editing class - and why? I knew he wouldn't understand. The next morning he checked up on me, and just as I expected, he could not relate at all. Emotional "cheating" is not a thing. If he doesn't "get" me, someone else will. I won't fuck someone else, but I'll relate to them until the cows come home.

9:09 pm - Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015


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