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my search for human connection continues

After responding to three platonic-only woman-for-woman Craigslist ads in the past several months, 1 responded, and we've hung out a few times. She's a cool gal! But I'm not sure we're necessarily the best match.

Finally the other day I saw on FB that my former boss had gone to my favorite tea place with his date - and I started thinking, "Why am I not doing that?" Just because I'm broke and have a fiance who doesn't care for teatime doesn't mean I shouldn't be out there living my life. I crave human connection of the platonic kind.

So I decided to go on CL and find a platonic tea date - two have responded: one who shares lots in common with me, and one who I may or may not hit it off with.

I responded to the latter first, while I keep staring at the picture of the other girl. There's a certain amount of scariness to meeting new people who might actually work out. Even in this "easy" online social age, making the first move takes a scoop of balls. A scoop I have, fortunately.

I'll let you know how the socializing plays out.

"Wild Thing" is playing in this coffee shop, and most people are bobbing their heads to stay awake. So that's not nothing. ;)

3:12 am - Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015


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