backyard crowing


if God is a DJ

I really think God is more progressive than we think she is.

I want to say God is an "it," not a "he" or a "she," but "it" sounds almost offensive. God is otherworldly, neither man nor woman. But not "it," either. What do the trans people like as a pronoun for ambiguous "gender" these days? I should really know this.

In heaven, the DJ plays everyone's song, regardless of whether it makes sense following the one before it. Everyone gets a chance. The mediocre songs have their dog day.

And see, we have the power to give dog days here on earth. So we should. Leaders need to step up, no matter how seemingly low they are on the caste system.

I'm back in the coffee shop again. Some whiny indie band is playing covers of Taylor Swift hits. They're terrible songs! Haha. And here I am talking about every song getting its time.

2:52 am - Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015


lovesounds - futuresex


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