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i woke up like this #FLAWLESS

I have been meaning to write about this.

I did a project this semester about wintertime, and during the shoot, R and I found ourselves at the beach to capture some waves on (digital) film.

He had one camera, and I had the other. Occasionally I'd catch him filming me, and get a little annoyed -- I wasn't the star, the scenic beauty was! Why wasn't he filming the scenic beauty?!

As I was going through dailies (i.e. reviewing all the footage,) I found some clips of myself.

I was filming the seagulls, the shells, the everything. I had an intense look on my face, like the shot was all that mattered. And although I didn't look modelesque, I was worth looking at. Not for beauty, but for determination. I had a sole purpose, and I knew it, and I sought it.

That he noticed this, and recorded it - meant more to me than compliments about physical traits. He saw something in me, and then showed it to me.

"Hey, that's you."

I couldn't be more proud.


5:50 pm - Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015


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