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This post may bore you: just a warning. Hope next one is better.

I'm here, at my mom and stepfather's new house. I've been here a total of two times, including this visit.

It's beautiful, and like R and I, apparently they fuss and fight over the decor, too.

R likes neutrals, I like pops of color and whimsy.

The two complement each other; all brights and you have a circus show, all neutrals and you have blandness and death.

I lost my awesome Anne Taylor LOFT (or is it just LOFT?) coat this winter. Total bummer...been wearing it two years now. I'll be looking for a new one (that I totally can't afford) now.

Straight from an internet commenter's mouth:

"The styles at Anne Taylor are a bit more conservative, whereas the styles at Anne Taylor Loft are more 'sexy' and geared towards a younger, 'hipper' buyer."

1:16 am - Saturday, Dec. 26, 2015


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