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credit where credit is due

Things I did right today despite feeling on-and-off again depressed:

-ate healthy for the most part

-put on makeup (yay!)

-went to school to work on project

-washed dishes

-encouraged my new friend Lewis to try improv, and
provided him much information on it

-responded to S’s FB message, which I had been neglecting to do

-made the bed

-drank two kinds of tea (green and also tangerine positivity tea)

-realized I didn’t have enough music in my life, so put on my 70s mix (that’s self-care, baby!)

-went to the grocery store and bought some dish scrubbers

-didn’t give up

-went to school late enough that I didn’t have to pay parking

-answered 2 emails

-made a phone call to the car clinic

That's 15 things done right. Congratulations Z, you are living productively with depression. You. Can. Do it.

1:29 am - Tuesday, Jan. 05, 2016


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