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My log of goings-on:

-today was the first day of my Creative Prob Solving discussion section

-tomorrow I have to think of some reason why I have to go to this philosophy/film thing that Louey is hosting, and not to my future in laws' house for food (they are awesome, but not as awesome as connecting with people my own age)

Here are some Reasons Why My Life Is Awesome:

(Because it's more me than a "gratitude journal")

-I'm convinced my best friend is YouTuber Hannah Hart. Fantastisimo!

-I'm drinking flowery gin.

-I enjoy my nightowlery. It's badass.

-I'm a fucking film major. I did not sell out and study business.

-I have opportunities to do well in school and life.

-Even if I don't do completely well, there's more to life.

-Louey is, in fact, my friend. I have a true friend in him. In Scottie, as well.

-Jared Padalecki supports depression awareness, and has "come out" about his depression. And I've met him. Sold him some hard cider. Woo!

Say Diaryland, how do you know who is your best self? Is there really any way to tell? I would argue it's ever changing, and sometimes YOU don't even know who that is. And that's okay.

2:10 am - Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016


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