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reasons of reasonry (there are none)

I'm convinced that for every jerk-a-lerk, there exists at least one sweet person.

(Infact, perhaps some people are SUCH jerks, that several nice people exist to party up the darkness.)

Case in point: in my VR class, there's a girl who is continually rude to me for no reason whatsoever. I have been nothing but nice.

However, there's also a gentleman who bent over backwards to help me find information on one of our 3D modeling programs. He TOTALLY didn't have to do that, and it wasn't at all romantically-charged.

So, public service announcement to the already wizened: be nice. It's a cool feeling, and it makes other people feel pretty cool, too.

Toodles, doodles! :)

(Oh, and in a similar manner, we are often happy for no reason, and sad for no reason. That is a-okay, totally normal, and can be embraced.)

6:14 pm - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016


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