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depression and ducks

Last weekend R cut my hair, and it looks decent. I like to think of it as a trust game, but healthy. Can I tolerate a potentially bad haircut because he feels like getting creative, and saving moolah, which he relishes?

Anyway, money is tight, and my hair was atrocious, so I asked him to do the honors. Only one person has noticed so far, the girl who looks like Rory Gilmore in my VFX class. Actually I've been told I look like Alexis Bledel too, or at least have lived a similar life, HAH!

The character Rory was a journalism major at a competitive university, raised mostly by her hip single mom, and dropped out of uni at a certain point. But my hair is much lighter than hers, and really, I look nothing like her. Anyway, wow! Years go by.

The powers that be are bringing back the show. And I've now met Rory's love interest Dean in person -- that is, Jared Padalecki. He bought cider at the convenience store I worked at last season.

Apparently Jared is publicly encouraging people to seek help for depression, and be more aware of depression in general. They have t-shirts.

Hopefully he'll come by the store this season.

Also, apparently he likes Duck Dynasty. Seriously, dude???

Oh, well. Yay depression awareness. That beats bad taste in TV, I suppose.

2:53 pm - Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016


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