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It hit me just today: I'm living with R. Full time, all the time.

I have a history of trying to be friends with my roommates, often succeeding, and occasionally feeling crushed when they do not return my friendship.

The bottom line? I've never had my own place. I've always lived with other women, and in one case, a woman and her boyfriend.

It's no wonder I need female companionship! It's no wonder he doesn't understand. He's not a woman.

I'm accustomed to more positive female interaction. More girl power. More mutual encouragement. More fun little makeovers of body and home. He can't provide that in the same way. Again, I'm back to where I was a few months ago when we first moved in together: without that friendly female companionship.

But it doesn't even need to be female...because easily Scottie could fill that role. I think I've always enjoyed the company of more feminine men. Gay men. Honest men. Men who aren't totally sure of themselves.

In the end, it's a kindred spirit I'm looking for. Aren't we all?

Cheerio, dears.



11:00 pm - Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016


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